Vidisha Maitra Wiki/Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Family, Education, Net Worth

Vidisha Maitra is an IFS officer who has passed with good ranking in UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2008. In 2009, she became the Foreign Services Officer of India.

Quick Facts
22 February, 1985
Age 38 years
Birth place New Delhi, India
Occupation IFS officer
Education Postgraduate
Height 5’5”


Vidisha Matra was born in 22 February, 1985 in New Delhi, India. Her father worked as an Indian government official and mother has worked for government as well.


Vidisha Maitra finished her early studies in New Delhi and she was a brilliant student. She qualified postgraduate.

Personal life

Vidisha Maitra is married to her colleague from her own office and they have kids.


Vidisha Maitra became worldwide famous after answered questions of Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Vidisha Maitra, a cadre of 20 batch of Indian Foreign Service. She passed the Civil Service Examination on the 21st. He was ranked 39 in the country. She received the Gold Medal as ‘Best Officer Trainee’ of the Foreign Ministry on the 21st. According to the official website of the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, Vidisha Maitra is the youngest member of India in Rajasthan. She is in charge of the issues that India will raise in the Security Council of the Rashtrapana.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has given a formal warning to India from the General Assembly of the Rashtrapuja. Therefore, he had to answer diplomatically! And Bidisha got the responsibility to answer that. It only took her 5 minutes to answer the whole of Pakistan. And at that time only five questionnaires were thrown towards Pakistan. The whole country is fascinated to hear that. Her question to Pakistan was, can Imran deny that the five militants on the list of states are in their country? Is it the only government in the world that pays Al-Qaeda to the ban on the list of states, can Pakistan deny it?

Imran’s speech

Regarding Imran’s speech, Bidisha added, “It is really unfortunate that the Prime Minister of Pakistan is trying to divide the whole world in a horizontal way.” We-they, rich-poor, north-south, advanced-developing and Muslim-other. His speech is persuasive. He is also filled with hatred. ”She also said,“ Imran has tried to misuse the stage of the Rashtunja. The kind of words Imran applies to reflects his medieval mindset. Which stands in the twenty-first century and is absolutely untested. ”

Immediately after allegations of human rights violations against India, Bidisha has pierced him on the platform of the Rashtrapatij. In this regard, she said, “In a country where the situation of the minorities is miserable, how are they coming to teach human rights lessons to India!”