Zulkarnine Mahmud Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Zulkarnine Mahmud is a Bangladeshi software engineer who has recently joined in Google after his struggling life. It made news headlines in September 2019.

Quick Facts
5 May, 1992
Age 32 years
Birth place Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Education BUET, Dong-A University, Korea
Occupation Software engineer
Wife Sharin Fatima

Early life

Zulkarnine Mahmud was born in 5 May, 1992 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. His father is a teacher and businessman and mother housewife.

Zulkarnine Mahmud and his parents


Zulkarnine Mahmud finished schooling in Noagaon K.D. Govt. Hight School amd studied in Rajshahi Cadet Collage. Later he studied in BUET and in 2011, he started studying in Dong a university.

Personal life

Zulkarnine Mahmud is married to Sharin Fatima, who is an executive Officer at Archihub. They got married in 7 October, 2017. The couple blessed with a baby boy named Saarhan Mahmud in 30 July 2019.

Zulkarnine Mahmud and his wife
Zulkarnine Mahmud and his son

Full story by him

Thought I’d read in CSE in BUET.

The position at Omeka was not bad either. But on the day of the admission test, I could not match any of the numbers. I thought I might not get the chance.

After the results, I got some, but the serial is far behind. Tenetune comes with mechanicals, architecture on the other.

In the meantime, I again retained the Dhaka BBA’s IBA’s BBA. Then IBA graduates cost a lot. I thought I would be there when I became an IBA, but how I got dropped into Viva.

Then I thought, I would do a farm in the country falling in architecture, I would do a lot with creativity. So architecture is a better option than mechanical. I got admitted there.

Friends, life in BUET was going well, but before long I had a dormant desire to go out. I started trying out admissions.

Many said what to do now, go to the Masters in BUET and go to Undergraduate and read it yourself. But still I did not leave.

I went to the idp of Dhaka, I said that given the full scholarship to ANU or flowers, how to do it?

They said that there was profit in English Medium Hall, Bangla Medium did not cost A +. Even then I gave myself IELTS, applied to ANU. But there is no profit, in the end reject.

Australia didn’t bother me, I thought I’d try it in America. But there is nothing like SAT and TOEFL again. I gave them too.

I found out that the top varsity gives financial aid when I get the chance. So I thought I would go to MIT this time, in BUET, ANU didn’t understand me anymore. 😛

After all, I submitted the application to MIT. (Although no one knew it except a few in hand).

But in the end there is the reject.

This time I decided to go to Japan for a scholarship (the original pronunciation is “Manbukagakusho”). Applied, Rittenay Tick Lam, selected 4 of us from Embassy and called Viva. Brother is also very good.

The name of our cousin was sent to the Japanese Ministry. But what happened this time, they didn’t select any one from Bangladesh and my Japanese dream remained.

The day after the Japanese rejection I saw the Circular of Korean Government Scholarship. This time I thought I would go to Korea, study at SNU or KAIST, what’s worse. Before coming, many said, you are leaving BUET, are you okay? Do Korean degrees have a price again? There, people eat dog meat, and so on.

But I have always felt that any government scholarship is a matter of pride, that here a student can represent his country as a representative of his country. It is not right to seize such an opportunity. So after leaving everything, I left BUET to study in South Korea.

After coming here after 3 years of language course I realized that I could not study at SNU or KAIST, because I applied to Varsity track. I have to apply wherever I have applied. And my desire to study at SNU or KAIST also failed.

I have submitted many cv’s on Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn before / after passing. But I never got a call from anywhere. I got a call from a small German company called ThinkCell. I did the interview there. Again in the first round.

Then I got an interview call from Grab. There I was dropped in the second round of interviews.

Nevertheless, I have tried.

It may not have come that far if it had stopped at first.

May not have had the opportunity to study at BUET’s CSE or MIT, but what is worse or worse so far today?