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Mizanur Rahman Azhari (born 26 January 1990) is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, educator, international Islamic speaker and social reformer. Dhaka district demaraya was born. He invited the people of Bangladesh to Islam. He is widely popular and at the same time criticized for his interesting Islamic discourse for young people in Bangladesh, for his out-of-the-ordinary discourse. In various speeches, he claimed to be a moderate Islamic negotiator. [1]

Mizanur Rahman Azhari
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Mizanur Rahman Azhari
Born Jan 26, 1990 (Age 30)

Demra , Dhaka
Religion Islam
Nationality Bangladeshi
Children 2
Ethnicity Bengali
Era Modern
Title Sunni
Etymology Hanafi
The main interest Tafsir , Hadith , Fiqh
Significant work Tafsir mahfil
Where the student
  • Al-Azhar University
  • Darunnajat Siddiquia Kamil Madrasa

Early life

Mizanur Rahman Azhari was born on 26 January 1990 in Demra Police Station , Dhaka District . His ancestral home is in Paramatla village of Muradnagar in Comilla district .  Mizanur Rahman Azhari grew up in Dhaka . His father was a madrasa teacher and his mother a housewife. From an early age he studied in a madrasa. He later received a scholarship to Al-Azhar University . Mizanur Rahman is his name. However, due to his studies at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the title ‘Azhari’ has been added to his name.

Personal life

Mizanur Rahman got married on January 29, 2014. He has two daughters.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari Education

Mizanur Rahman Azhari passed from Darunnajat Siddiquia Kamil Madrasa in 2004 and passed Alim in 2008 respectively. He topped the merit list of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board in both the examinations. In 2007, he won first place in the Egyptian Government Scholarship Examination organized by the Islamic Foundation. He later studied Tafsir and Quran-based sciences at Al-Azhar University in Egypt . After graduating, he earned an MPhil and PhD from the International Islamic University in Malaysia . His MPhil research topic was ‘Human Embryology in the Holy Quran’ ( Human Embryology in the Holy Quran)). He was then nominated as a PhD candidate in the same university. He is in the Holy Quran and Analytical Study of Human bihyabhiyarela kyarektaraisatiksa ‘( the Holy Quran and analytical studies of human behavioral characteristics ) of doing research on a PhD.


Azhari started his career in 2010 with Islamic Ghazal and Kirat. He later joined an Islamic program on ATN Bangla TV. In the beginning of 2015, he started his career with Waz-Mahfil. Baishakhi has aired a program on television titled ‘Islam and a beautiful life’.


Despite adhering to the teachings of Islam, he has gained popularity among the Muslims of Bangladesh, especially the Muslim youth, in a short period of time due to his contemporary presentation and easy-going and scholarly discussions on the Qur’an-Hadith. In his mahfil, he often converted people of different religions to Islam through him. His tafsir mahfil saw a large gathering of ordinary Muslims and young people.


He was criticized in the media when 12 Indian Hindus came to Bangladesh on illegal visas in January 2020 and converted to Islam.  His gatherings have been banned more than once in various places for allegedly making anti-national remarks.  Bangladesh parliament in January, the anti-state elements to a comment by one of the MPs said. At the same time, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah , the current Minister of Religion in Bangladesh, called for “Sayedee to be born from house to house” and called him a “product of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami” and said action would be taken against him.


  • Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Al-Azhar Scholarship
    First place, 2006
  • Al-Azhar University Scholarship
  • Full Graduation Scholarship, 2006


Azhari started his television career with ATN Bangla Islamic show Islam o Deen. Then he also contributed as a co-host of Boishakhi TV Islamic show Shantir Pothe. He also contributed other Bangladeshi private television channel for the various Islamic show.

Year Title Role Channel Additional notes
2010 Islam o Deen Co-Host ATN Bangla Islamic Talk Show
2011 Apnar Jiggasa Co-Host NTV Islamic Talk Show Religious Problems and Solutions
2011 Prosno Korun Guest Appearance RTV Religious Question and Solutions based Islamic live talk show
2012 Islam O Sundor Jibon Co-Host Boishakhi TV Islamic show
2013 Shantir Pothe Co-Host Boishakhi TV Sawyal Jawab

Awards and achievement

  1. Scholarship of Distinction (Top Merit List in the Country), Bangladesh (Dakhil/S.S.C) – 2004
  2. Scholarship in Higher Secondary Level, Bangladesh (Alim/H.S.C) – 2006.
  3. Obtaining the First Position in the Examination of Al-Azhar Scholarship in Islamic Foundation Bangladesh under The Ministry of Religion. 2007.
  4. Full Graduation Scholarship, Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. – 2008
  5. Grant from Sweden-Bangladesh Trust Fund, (Economic Relation Division, Ministry of Finance). – 2009

Personal life

Azhari’s birth name was Mizanur Rahman but due to the studies at Al-Azhar University in Egypt the title of Azhari is associated with his last part of the name. He is proficient in Bengali, English and Arabic language very naturally.

Azhari was married on 29th January 2014. The couple have two daughter.

Social media

Azhari is the first Bangladeshi Islamic scholar who gained popularity on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and also from YouTube channel, where his Facebook official page reached 4 million followers and his Islamic Waz content also reached over 200 million total views on YouTube from separate channel. He opened his official YouTube channel on 16 December 2020.

Awards and achievement

  • Distinction Scholarship (Top Merit List in the country), Bangladesh – Filing-2004 
  • Scholarship at Higher Secondary Level, Bangladesh (ALIM / HSC) – 2006.
  • First place in Al-Azhar Scholarship Examination in Islamic Foundation Bangladesh under Ministry of Religion – 2007
  • Full Graduate Scholarship, Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt – 2008
  • Grant from Sweden-Bangladesh Trust Fund, (Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance) – 2009

Mizanur Rahman Azhari Selected Waz

  • Swami Stree Sampur Tafsir
  • Poribar er tafsir
  • Jewe Phongsho Hobe Earth
  • Manush Ibong Farestar Mittu
  • Bishnobir Morjada
  • Janitor bournona
  • Bellar Djibony
  • Bishanobir Jibon Kahini
  • Musa Nabir Jiboni
  • Ma er vaz
  • Shristokotar pasoy
  • Omkar Kahini
  • Jahanmar Boyne
  • Santan Manush Kodar Podhoti
  • Ibrahim Nabir Ojana Kahini
  • Rasool (SM) er Jiboni
  • Qiyamotar Alamot
  • Mittur por jiban
  • Bishonibi Saffron Tori
  • Kobir jiban
  • Solayman nabir ojana kahini
  • Mittu, Cobor, Jannat, Jahanam
  • Char khalifa jiboni
  • Bigganmayan Quran
  • Muhammad (sm) er Paris
  • Muhammad is the greatest leader
  • Surah Al Insan Tafseer
  • Suntan genre por coronio
  • Surah mulk er tafsir
  • Masjid Ojana Rohoso
  • Surah mumino tafsir
  • Kobir bend ghotabe
  • Sura Fatihar Tafsir
  • Surah lukman er tafseer
  • Doa cobular gopan rohso
  • Muhammad (Por) er Porisoy
  • Bea Nia Tafsir
  • Apocalypse Kokhon Hobe
  • Social manor
  • Jibon Sopholota Laver Use
  • Tabar Fazilot
  • Moron o cobor
  • Ferun er kahini
  • Jannati Nari Achia
  • Do not trust secret 10 information without verification
  • Bigganmayan Quran
  • Surah Ar Rahmanar Tafsir
  • Kivber Sokol Crime Pardon Koreben
  • Jannat Joeyar Amol
  • Surah al jumua tafsir
  • Jannati Woman
  • Sura muzammil er tafsir
  • Biso Nobir Agomon
  • Surah Al Ikhlas Tafseer




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