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Priyotoma is a 2023 Bangladeshi romantic-action film. It is directed by Himel Ashraf , his second film and produced by Arshad Adnan under Versatile Media. The story of the film was written by the late Farooq Hossain alone and Himel Ashraf jointly wrote the screenplay and dialogues with him. Shakib Khan , Idhika Paul and Shahiduzzaman Salim played the lead roles. Other roles include Elina Shammi , Don , Lutfur Rahman Khan Border, Lutfur Rahman George .


Theatrical release poster
Directed by Himel Ashraf
Screenplay by
  • Himel Ashraf
Story by Faruk Hossein
Produced by Arshad Adnan
Cinematography Saiful Shahin
Edited by Simit Ray Antor
Music by
  • Akassh
  • Prince Mahmud
  • Sajid Sarkar
Versatile Media
Distributed by
  • Tiger Media
  • Swapna Scarecrow
Release date
  • 29 June 2023
Running time
155 minutes
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Budget est. ৳2.5 crore (US$230,000)
Box office ৳10.30 crore (US$960,000)


  • Shakib Khan
  • Idhika Paul
  • Shahiduzzaman Salim
  • Elina Shammi
  • don
  • Lutfur Rahman Khan border
  • Lutfur Rahman George
  • Shaheed-un-Nabi
  • Kazi Hayat


“Priyatma’ can be an example of how we are not behind in making films despite many hurdles. Now we just have to prove it. I have tried my best. The audience will tell the rest.”

— Himel Ashraf on making sweethearts

In 2014, Shakib Khan produced his first film Hero: The Superstar from his own production company SK Films . Almost three years later, in November 2017, he announced the production of Priyatama from his own production company, which was to be his second film at the time. [4] Regarding the production of the second film, he told Prothom Alo at that time, “It has been a long time since I produced my first film from SK Films. I have been waiting for such a story for so long.” [5] Then on 6 November 2017, the name of the film was registered with the Bangladesh Film Directors Association . At that time director Himel Ashraf Prothom AloWho said, next year (year 2018) shooting will be at the end of February or beginning of March. [5] The story and screenplay of the film was jointly written by the late Farooq Hossain with director Himel Ashraf, which was his last screenplay. Earlier in 2015 Farooq Hossain went missing in the sea. [6] [7] This is the last unfinished screenplay written by screenwriter Farooq Hossain. Later it was given a complete form by the director of the film Himel Ashraf. Himel Ashraf told Prothom Alo , “I made the screenplay in my own way by combining Farooq’s two unfinished screenplays.” [5] On April 25, 2023, nearly 6 years after the announcement, a FacebookThrough a post, director Himel Ashraf announced the release date of the film on Eid-ul-Azha 2023 and named Arshad Adnan as the producer under Versatile Media. [8] [9] Director Himel Ashraf stated in an interview with Channel Eye that the pre-production of the film began on February 22, 2023, and that more than 100 people are working on its table work. He also said that the film’s stunt and dance director will be from outside the country and will have high-quality BGM, all the production work including post VFX of the film will be done outside the country. [10] No actress was initially cast in the film, but in November 2017, in an interview with Prothom Alo ‘s Manjur Quader , Shabnam BubliHe claimed to act in the film himself. [11] At that time there was news coverage in the national media. [12] [13] [14] However, on 5 May 2023, Indian model-actress Idhika Pal was announced as the lead actress . [15] When asked by the media why Shabnam Bubli was left out of the film, Shakib Khan said, “Bubli had to be dropped due to the need of the character.” [16] But he is Prothom AloIn a private conversation with , he revealed the specific reason for not taking Bubli in the film, he said, “Initially when ‘Priyatma’ was discussed, the story needed someone completely new, who has acted in bits and pieces, but has absolutely no acting experience in the film. Bubli is the last few. Acted in more than a dozen films a year. Apart from that, Bubli’s age is not relevant to the story of the film. She was not taken into consideration.” [17] The film began shooting on 8 May 2023. Two days later on May 10, Shakib Khan participated in the filming of his part at Sadarghat in Old Dhaka. Director Himel Ashraf told Bangla Tribune , “In the first lot, we are shooting in Dhaka. Then I will go to Sunamganj. I will finish filming there for several days in Cox’s Bazar. Filming will end with continuous shooting till June 2.” [18]Later the same day the first look of the film was released, Shakib Khan was seen standing in the rain with long hair, slicked back, a sad look with a cigarette on his lips. [19] [20] Upon its release, it received critical acclaim from audiences and critics and went viral on social media. [21] [22] [23] [24] Later, the second poster of the film was released on 28 May to mark lead actor Shakib Khan’s 24 years in the film industry. [25] The film is helmed by Rajesh Kannan , who previously worked with the lead actor in the films Shikhari , Nawab and Chalbaaz . [26] [27]A 30-second video first look teaser of the film was then released on 17 June. Upon its release, it received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. [28] [29] [30] Its third first look was then released on 20 June, where Shakib Khan is seen aged 80 years. [31] [32] [33] It received positive reviews from audiences and critics upon its release. [34] Shakib Khan came to create this look 5 lakh is spent. [35] [36] This look is used for six to seven minutes in the film. It takes about 15 days for a large makeup team skilled in prosthetic makeup to create it. [37]First the size of Shakib Khan’s face is taken. A cover is thus created. The look is fixed by putting hair and beard there. The look is then checked to see if it fits the character. [38] Khan’s personal make-up artist Sabuj Khan told Prothom Alo , “We were worried about this part throughout the shoot. Because prosthetic makeup is difficult. A long time is required. Have to sit continuously. Can’t be wrong. All should be written separately. Make-up tasks should also be shared. It took us six to seven hours a day to apply this makeup during the shoot. It also took three hours to remove this makeup. We have been with this makeup since three days ago.” [39] [40] Each look and costume was designed separately for the film’s sequence, entry, mayhem and two songs. [41]The shooting of the film was completed on 21 June. [42] The same day it was submitted to the Bangladesh Film Censor Board for clearance . The next day it granted censor clearance without any deduction. [43] [44] According to reports from the production company, it is the most expensive film to be released on Eid-ul-Azha 2023 . On June 28, 2023, media Samakal reported that more than 2.5 crore rupees have been spent on this film. [1]


Soundtrack album by Akash Sen and Prince Mahmud [45].
release date 2023
Vocabulary time 2023
Vocabulary Versatile media
the genre Film music
the language Bangla
Music publishing SK Films
the producer Akash Sen
Akash Sen Chronology
Prince Mahmud Chronology
Zero Degrees
A single from Priyotoma
  1. “Qurbani Qurbani”
    Release Date: 24 June 2023
  2. “O Priyatma”
    Release Date: 27 June 2023
  3. “God”
    Release Date: 29 June 2023

Akash Sen and Prince Mahmood composed the music for the film . The first song of the film is Kurbari Qurbani , composed and composed by Akash Sen. Besides composing the lyrics of the song, he also sang it himself. The scenes of this song were shot for three days at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (FDC) in Dhaka and Panam City in Narayanganj. [46] It was released on 24 June 2023 on Shakib Khan’s official Facebook page and his own production company SK Films’ YouTube channel. [47] Within three hours of its release, the song received over 154,000 reactions on its Facebook page and over 1 million views. [48] ​​[49]It was followed by the release of its second single, “O Priyatma”, which is a romantic song, on 27 June. The song is sung by Somnur Monir Konal along with Balaam . The song is written by Asif Iqbal and composed by Akash Sen. [50] [51] According to Channel I , the film marks the return of vocalist Balaam as a background artist after nearly ten years. [52] It features another song titled Ishwar composed by Prince Mahmood , who had previously composed and composed music for Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s Third Person Singular Number (2009) and Animesh Aich’s Zero Degree . (2015) in movies. However, he was not regularly found in film songs, this time he sang for the first time in a mainstream commercial film. After the release of the first song of the film, Prince Mahmud told Prothom Alo about the song on June 25 , “The song is very good. People who listened to our music in the 90s will love it, and the listeners of today will also love it.” The song is sung by Someshwar Oli with lyrics by Riyad, which is Abhishek’s film debut. [53] It was Someshwar Ali’s first work with Prince Mahmud. [54] Rehan Rasool and Priyanka Gop provided vocals for a song titled “Gabheere” in the film. It has music composed by Sajid Sarkar and lyrics by Zahid Akbar. This is Akbar’s third venture with lead actor Shakib Khan. He had earlier written “Yekhanei Jaabe Mee Pabe” for the 2014 Shakib Khan-produced film Hero: The Superstar and another song titled “Surma Surma” for the 2023 film Leader: Aamii Bangladesh . Talking about the song, Zahid Akbar told Channel I , “Gheebre is a song that reaches deep into the heart, not a song of excitement. It is a song that spreads love through veins. I was more inspired to write the song after seeing the dummy picture of Shakib Khan in his 80s look in the story. The song Listeners will be able to tell how it went.” [55]

No. title songwriter the composer musician length
1. “Sacrifice Sacrifice” Akash Sen Akash Sen Akash Sen 3:26
2. “Oh dear” Asif Iqbal Akash Sen Balaam , Conal 3.46
3. “God” Someshwar Oli Prince Mahmud Riyadh 4.02
4. “deep” Zahid Akbar Sajid Sarkar Rehan Rasool, Priyanka Gop


The film was initially planned to release on Eid 2018, but the production of the film was delayed due to various reasons. [56]

Two weeks before the film’s release, theater bookings begin at exorbitant prices. [57] The film was released in 107 cinemas across the country, including multiplexes, on 29 Eid 2023. [58]

It was released in 42 theaters in the United States and Canada on July 7. [59]


Film critic Rahman Moti gave the film 7.5/10 on the Bangla Movie Database (BMDB). He refers to Priyatama as a mixed presentation. He praised the film’s presentation of the story, noting, “Many people would naturally think of the film as a romantic film, but the film is mixed category with elements of thriller and tragedy.” But he mentioned that the film’s comedy is very weak.

box office

Himel Ashraf, the director of Priyotoma movie, said on his personal Facebook page that Priyatma movie earned Tk 10.3 million in Bangladesh at the end of the first week. [61]


In the first look of the film, Shakib Khan can be seen with a lit cigarette on his lips. The poster has been criticized as encouraging smoking, despite the depiction of smoking and no warning message. The Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance issued a written statement condemning the violation of the Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products (Control) Act.


The first look of the film was released on 10 April 2023. [67] Authorities of 27 theaters approached for booking the film for an Eid release. [68] [69] [70] On June 24, the song “Qurbani Qurbani” hit the milestone of 50 million views on Facebook in 24 hours after its release and started trending on TikTok .

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