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Abrarul Haque Asif (Bengali: আবরারুল হক আসিফ), known as Asif, is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, Preacher, writer and journalist. He was born and raised in Mollapara Kamalpur, Bagherhat District, Bangladesh. Asif’s family called him by his nickname, Asif, but his certificates bear his given name, Abrarul Haque Asif. Asif currently resides in front of the Rajshahi Kamruzzaman Park, where he is known for his work as a Khateeb (a person who delivers the Friday sermon) at the nearby Rajshahi Zia Pahra Jame Mosque.

Quick Facts
Birth name
Abrarul Haque Asif
Born March 16, 1994
Age 30 years
Birth place Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Native name আবরারুল হক আসিফ
Occupation Islamic preacher
Wife N/A
Education Rajshahi Qowmi Madrasa
Years active
Weight 75 KG
Website Official Facebook

Abrarul Haque Asif Family

Asif‘s family consisted of five members, including his mother, father, and two sisters. His father, Md. Nazir Ahmed, was a respected educator who worked as a principal at Rajshahi Madrasa for many years. Asif credits his father with instilling in him a love for writing, as he began writing from a young age and started working as a journalist for the General Line newspaper while still in school.

Abrarul Haque Asif wazz

Asif’s work as a journalist and writer has gained him much recognition and respect in Bangladesh. He has written numerous articles and essays on a variety of topics, ranging from social issues to politics to culture. Asif has also authored several books, including his critically acclaimed memoir, “My Village, My Life,” which chronicles his childhood and upbringing in rural Bangladesh.

Asif’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to address difficult and often controversial topics have made him one of the most influential voices in Bangladeshi journalism. He continues to work tirelessly to promote freedom of speech and press in his country, and is widely regarded as a champion of human rights and democracy.

Abrarul Haque Asif Full Biography

Abrarul Hoque Asif is a renowned Islamic scholar and preacher with a significant following both in Bangladesh and abroad. He is known for his deep understanding of Islamic teachings and his ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and accessible way. Asif is particularly respected for his knowledge of the Qur’an and his ability to relate its teachings to everyday life.

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Asif is also a prolific writer and has authored several books on Islamic theology and spirituality, including “The Secrets of the Qur’an,” “The Mysteries of Prayer,” and “The Divine Names of Allah.” His works have been widely read and praised for their clarity and depth.

In addition to his scholarly work, Asif is also a prominent public figure who frequently speaks out on issues affecting the Muslim community. He is a strong advocate for social justice, human rights, and interfaith dialogue, and has spoken at numerous conferences and events on these topics.

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Asif is known for his humility, piety, and compassion, and is widely respected both within and outside the Muslim community. He is seen as a role model by many and is admired for his commitment to serving others and promoting the values of Islam.