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Lil Tapz Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Songs, Success, Career, Photos

Lil Tapz is an American music artist, rapper, influencer and social media personality who is the founder and CEO of 4DG RECORDS. He is best know for his songs such as Cash Talk, Nothing To Something and Shots. BIGSCREW DHB and GIO Gelati was featured in his song “cash talk 2.”

Quick Facts
Born July 26, 2005
Age 16 years
Birth place Las Vegas, USA
Genre Hip-hop/rap
Occupation Music artist, rapper, influencer

Early life

Lil Tapz was born on July 26, 2005 in Las Vegas, USA.

He used to be doing cover arts, logos, beats for a living until he met a popular artist named LUCKY3RD and he introduced him into the rap game and told him to start rapping.


Lil Tapz is a 15 year old artist and is best known as rapper specializing in hip hop music. With over 10.2k followers and on Instagram @_liltapz his content has over 60,000 total views on YouTube since he started January 2020.


LUCKY3RD has collaborated with Lil Tapz. He has released songs like Alejandro which has 5.6 million views , also his song named Life Goes On has 7 million views. Lil Tapz likes to make music ever since he got inspired by LUCKY3RD.


Lil Tapz started in January 2020 and has gained a lot of fans and people that really like his music. He has 15k followers on Instagram and record labels are starting to look out for him. Before Lil Tapz success in gaining followers he used to make Cover Arts , Logos etc. As of today Lil Tapz keeps pushing to get his name out there. He will drop more music later on.


When he started rapping it was January 2020.

Labels are also offering him  to sign to them but he rather stay independent until the time is right and he feel ready.

Did You Know…

  • He is getting offers from many music Labels companies.
  • LUCKY3RD a lot he is like a brother to him very close friend.

Jyo Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Songs, Success, Career, Photos

Jyo is an American pop Music Artist & Real Estate Investor who is best for his songs and music albums like So Cold, The Lost Ones, Pahty, Grandiose, Go Crazy etc.

Quick Facts
Born June 06, 1997
Age 24 years
Birth place  Louisville, KY, USA
Height 5’9
Birth Name Jordan Omar Patterson
Occupation Music Artist & Real Estate Investor

Early life

Jyo was born on June 06, 1997 in  Louisville, KY, USA and his birth name is Jordan Omar Patterson.


JYO started writing music at the early age of 5 years old & producing half a decade later. Along the way, he also taught himself fluent in piano.


JYO had a cult-like, Christian upbringing. His father was an alcoholic while he was raised by a single mother. His parents divorced toward the end of his elementary education. JYO went on to drop out of high school at age 18. He moved out a year later & eventually became a Real Estate Investor & member of KREIA which helped launch his career.


Inspired by the artists like Michael Jackson & Drake; JYO is striving to shape & lead a new decade of pop music.’

Did You Know…

  • He has earned world wide popularity in 2021.
  • He is inspired by Michael Jackson & Drake.